Yomna Ali

Projects Manager

About Yomna Ali

Experienced trainer with a demonstrated history of working in the professional training & coaching industry since she was a student. she had worked as a trainer for more than 1000 hr. in different regions of Egypt and with different segments (Kids, Students, Youth, Mothers), and she had experience in managing large sessions, as she was a trainer in sessions that has more than 150 participants. Her highly diverse experience has afforded her a unique ability to handle hard situations and has enhanced her leadership, analysis, and interpersonal skills. Having worked as a Programs Manager at EYouth company, she has experience in strategic project planning to achieve annual company goals. To this end, she participates in proposals writing, supervise more than 70 trainers to implement EYouth programs; and responsible for not only delivering training on EYouth programs but also professional development workshops for the new trainers. Also, she develops programs action plans including details about monitoring and evaluation tools, curricula creating & development. she had managed more than 5 projects with Eyouth with partnership of national and international organizations that is concerned with youth development such as: (GIZ, Ashoka, Flat6laps, EPI Bank, ILO…etc.) plus, she adores to invest in people and mentoring their mindsets.