Ammar El-Araby

Entrepreneurship& Marketing instructor

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About Ammar El-Araby

You are going to have a perfect experience in the training you are going to have, especially if you are one of the youth how want to improve and develop themselves. 

A young trainer with demonstrated practical experience in the field of entrepreneurship and marketing, and high level of academical knowledge on the finance and financial management od the entrepreneural projects. 

I have several certificates in the digital marketing from several entities. As well as I'm certified in the corporate finance and the principals of the investment from the CFA institute, and well trained in the financial analysis and investment. In addition to the certificates in Microsoft soft Excel. 

As well as I have the talent and the skills of facilitating the information, and training others on a specific material. And I'm experienced in the training and dealing with different types of people and communicating effectively with them. 

I'm so excited to meet you in the training room, so register now and let's have fun.