Adel Atef Adly

L&D Senior Professional/ HR Consultant

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About Adel Atef Adly

Training is one of my life's greatest passions and creating a learning environment which is meaningful and valuable is always in my best interest.
when it comes to the quality of my content I'm very persistent, i don't seek except the best, accept nothing but the best or settle down for less than the best, i believe that the value of learning relies heavily on the quality of it's content.
I also believe so much in the power of teamwork and work environments that are shaped by collaboration and sharing, also being one essence of creativity.
I have almost 9 years of corporate experience in the fields of customer service, BPO, automotive, and training/development.
In August 2015 i earned my MBA from the AAST with a major specialization in marketing management, 1 month later a PCT (professional certified trainer), and in January 2018 lean six sigma green belt certified.
Along with my professional passions, culinary arts is one of my life's other great interests i belive there's always more to food than being just a basic human necessity, as it always brings people together specially in our eastern cultures.
And finally i think People will always see the world as a better place because of music, nature, and arts.