Mennatallah Adel

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About Mennatallah Adel

Menna is an  ideation/ Entrepreneurship trainer who train  Potential Entrepreneurs to come up with innovative ideas, and helping them to validate ideas to create ,develop,reach value to customers.

Menna  has good experience also  in  coaching as  she works in  EYouth and  she is  coaching in StartEgypt Program in 4 cycles in Asyut  , supporting entrepreneurs to validate and test their business model through Design thinking methodology and Lean Startup Methodology .

Menna is working  at training companies that delivered trainings to  many sectors in the Egyptian Ecosystem like
  Eyouth and GIZ in program (Youpreneur) , Eyouth and  Egyptian Banking Institute  in program ( EBI Incubation Program ). 
Technology Innovation And Entrepreneurship Center (TIEC) in ( InnovEgypt Program, She Preneur),
Also menna was a coach in 2Win that implementedby Innovty and GIZ in 2019.
Also menna train more than 100 female entrprenurs on financial litracy through  CHF management and consulting services in 2020.

Menna worked as marketing Specialist and social media marketing in SMEs and Startups as a freelancer since 2014 till 2018

Menna holds a Bachelor degree in Accounting  from Asyut University.