Ahmed Gomaa Tawfik

Human Resources Management|Child Right Protection Trainer

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About Ahmed Gomaa Tawfik

It has been my dream to make a change in MENA in 2030. I've been working as Trainer for 5 years and Facilitator for 3 years in Active citizens program. Because I found my passion in Training. It’s starting when I tried to teach my friends in my college our lectures. Now, I help some startups to make a perfect system, make the best trainers in children teach and make it the top in the Educational field to leave them a legacy in the world. I’m working on Active learning and Gamification with different categories.

I’m very interested in the 8 goal in SDG “Decent work and economic grows “in children associations. My vision is to "create a connected society that has the right to enjoy his life "This will be by making a change in the work environment according to the eighth goal of the sustainable development goals in institutions working on protection policies.

My vision came from that when a competent employee is chosen in the right place and provide a comfortable environment to make him enjoy his work and training him in the correct dealing with the child we can build a child who is mentally and mentally capable of creating an interconnected society capable of enjoying his life in the presence of economic growth and appropriate work jobs.