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About Salma Madkour

Salma Madkour – Certified Professional Coach &trainer 

Salma kicked off her career as a Life coach & trainer 3 years ago.

She has a passion towards elevating pain and enhancing the quality of life of her loved ones. She has been trying to give back to her society and community with her main goal of eventually restoring better mental health and awareness into the upcoming generation. 

Salma acquired her certification in life coaching from ICF and she is certified trainer.

She has done over 320 hours of one to one coaching sessions where she helped her clients achieve goals, overcome obstacles and make changes or shifts in their lives. She has delivered more than 250 training hours in sales, marketing, coaching and life skills for different organizations such as Injaz Egypt and other different clients. She has recently joined EYouth as a professional trainer.

 She also acquired her certification in sales and marketing from American University in Cairo alongside a Diploma in Digital marketing. She has a full-time job as Marketing & training specialist at Ghalioungui an Egyptian and African medical devices leading company. Adding on the list of certifications and qualifications Salma has earned her Bachelor's degree in veterinary medicine from zagazig University.