Moaz Mohammed Aburegaila

Training & Development Specialist

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About Moaz Mohammed Aburegaila

Moaz is an experienced trainer and instructional designer with 5+ years of experience developing and delivering dynamic learning materials and curriculum.

His background includes designing, developing, and implementing training programs and instructional materials to facilitate learners' education and progression.
With his ability to communicate perfectly to capture training requirements, he excels at delivering powerful and targeted learning tools while effectively driving program improvements to enhance learning experiences and elevate learners' performances during any program.
Moreover, his on-the-job experience has supported him with many qualifications including:
- Developing, assessing, and delivering training solutions while leveraging expertise in classroom, virtual, and field-based delivery media to ensure learners' comprehension and development.
- Utilizing instructional design theory and delivery knowledge to facilitate maximum learners' understanding and provide consistently superior learning experiences.
- Building and sustaining solid relationships through effective interpersonal, organizational, and leadership abilities.

Moaz is always enjoying putting his knowledge into practice and being able to see participants' growth from the beginning of a program to completion
In addition to his experience and personal qualities, he has a great passion for training and his goal is to ensure that all who want to learn have the ability to do so.