Hussein EL Nesr

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About Hussein EL Nesr

Hussein EL Nesr is a training and development professional with +3 years of experience.

His favorite quote "Do not aspire to make a living, aspire to make a difference"
He believes that he can make a difference to people through training and development.

The beginning was during college, where he volunteered in community service projects through joining NGOs and international organizations like Enactus and Rotaract. Which, definitely contributed to the development of his skills and personality. Until, he obtained his bachelor degree of Business Administration (BBA).

He had the opportunity to hold different positions in 7 industries, which enabled him to gain diverse experience in multiple fields, such as Banking, Home Appliances, Smartphones, Marketing & Advertising, Events services, Education management, and Consulting.

He has provided +500 training hours in corporate, student activities and NGOs to +2000 student & employee. In different topics such as Technical smartphones, Soft Skills, Employment Skills, Career Development, Entrepreneurship, Business Development, Marketing, and different business topics.

Still fulfilling his passion as a freelance trainer who's always ready to help and support.