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About Yomna Ali

A certified instructional designer and a professional trainer with 5+ years of experience in the learning and development field (Women empowerment, Personal skills, Career Development, Business, and Entrepreneurship) empowered with the passion of leaving a remarkable and positive effect on whoever I come across with, and I have undertaken 3 different positions (Instructional Designer, Educational Projects Manager, and trainer) with numerous well-known organizations such as Flat6lab, ILO, EBI bank, Ashoka, INJAZ Egypt, and GIZ. Working in entrepreneurship has been a way of figuring things out in my practical life, and I have always considered it as a mindset existed inside each and everyone waiting eagerly to be guided towards the light. I had worked as a trainer for more than 1000 hours in different regions in Egypt and with various segments (kids, students, youth, and mothers) believing in diversity and that one ought to seek uniqueness without having the necessity of owning an actual project idea.