Alaa Ayman

Projects' Manager

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About Alaa Ayman

Alaa graduated from Cairo University Faculty of Agriculture, Food processing major in 2018. She is a manager of different projects at EYouth Company. She is so passionate to work at the civil society sector and that gave her the courage to shift her career and work for one year as a Talent Development officer at the non-governmental organization called The Egyptian Information Telecommunications, Electronics & Software Alliance (EiTESAL), Then she became a Training Coordinator of EYouth Company, she was responsible for creating curricula from scratch and developing the existing ones, Supervising more than 60 Trainers and finally maintaining the quality of the sessions. As an active citizen, Alaa started volunteering for different NGOs and participating in different student activities at a young age. Alaa always finds joy in training, this is why she was able to deliver more than 1000 training hours and left her impact on a lot of trainees all over Egypt, teaching them about different topics such as entrepreneurship, soft skills, and project management. As she is the program manager of EYouth Company, her scope is expanded to include planning for the whole projects from A to Z gaining a lot of new skills like proposal writing and strategic planning.