Our Trainers

Lamiaa Salah

Professional Trainer

Tamer Atef Hussain

Certified Trainer MS Office

Alaa Ayman

Projects' Manager

Ihab Mamadouh

L&D Manager, Learning Events Consultant

Amr Ghannam

Professional trainer

mohamed elsayed

Free Lancer Training - Livelihoods facilitator -Life skills coach

Ayah salah

Entrepreneurship trainer | Facilitator| Influencer

Yossef Abdallah

Entrepreneurship trainer | Instructional Designer | HR specialist

Fathi Mohamed

Business Developer | B2B Sales Manager | Corporate Trainer

Mohamed Nabil

Digital Marketing Specialist | Growth Marketer | Entrepreneurship Trainer

Shaimaa Nabil

Career Skills & Entrepreneurship Trainer 

Maryam elgaby

Career Futurist | Connector | Career Development Consultant

Ahmed Wagih

Interpersonal skills trainer /ESL tutor

Kholoud Amin

Entrepreneurship & HR Trainer/ HR Specialist

Yasmin Galal

Freelancer Trainer and HR Consultant

Yehia Khalil

Learning Catalyst | Voice Over Artist

Muhammad Mrawan Korkab

‎Professional Trainer ، Life Coach

Nelly Habib

Freelance L&D Consultant, trainer, Material designer and Coach

Moaaz Yousef

Trainer and Content Creator

Ahmed Shetoes

Coordinator & Trainer

Mohamed Arafa

Business Trainer & Consultant

Mahmoud Atef

Project Manager, Operation Specialist, Project Management Trainer

Hani Sarwatt

Trainer and Mentor of Design and Production - Entrepreneur and Innovative Design Lecturer - Interdisciplinary Designer

Erene Boles


Hassan Mokhtar

Entrepreneurship & Marketing Trainer

Amr Alabsawy

Senior Product Management Engineer / Freelance Trainer

Ammar El-Araby

Entrepreneurship& Marketing instructor

Mohamed Mansour

Trainer, Skills Trainer, Career Development Trainer, Instructional Designer

Ahmed Said Amin

Entrepreneurship I English I Soft Skills I Marketing

Mostafa Sanad

Entrepreneurship trainer | Facilitator

Jihan Moharm Mohamed

Entrepreneurship,HR, Marketing and soft skills trainer

Ishak Mohamed

Trainer | Training Consultant.

Eman Atef Abdelmohsen

Professional Trainer

Nada Negad Ahmed

Certified Trainer, Co-founder of WM and Ex-Regional Manager at P&G

Adel Atef Adly

L&D Senior Professional/ HR Consultant

Esmat Osama

Business Trainer and Communication Assistant

Mennatallah Adel

Entrepreneurship trainer/Coach

Peter Mourad

Product Manager

Ebrahim hassan rabiea

Business Mentor - Freelance Trainer

Alshimaa Abdelaziz Badr

Entrepreneurship & project management trainer

Ahmed Ashraf Mohamed

Intern at MUH/Freelance Trainer/ Soft skills, Entrepreneurship, Marketing and Basic Life Support Trainer

Eman Fathy Abo Elsoud

Soft skills, Entrepreneurship, Career development and Gender topics trainer

Asmaa eltbakha

Entrepreneurship trainer / Marketing specialist

Ahmed Gomaa Tawfik

Human Resources Management|Child Right Protection Trainer

Salma Madkour

professional trainer & coach

Moaz Mohammed Aburegaila

Training & Development Specialist

Heba Ali Azmy

Training Specialist

Fady Atef Fareed

Business Developer and Professional Trainer

Mohamed Ezzat

Freelancer Project management and Business Trainer

Ahmed SaQr

Corporate Coaching | Soft skills | Entrepreneurship | Artification

Nora Alaa

Professional Trainer at Eyouth

Hussein EL Nesr

Corporate Trainer | Freelance Business Trainer

Abdelrahman Ashmawy

| Professional Freelancer Trainer |

Yomna Ali

Projects' Manager

Sara Mahmoud

Business Developer

Yara Dagher

Social development and Business Trainer

Nader Mondy Wadea

Business Development Specialist

Alaa Ezz El-dien

Trainer & Digital marketing specialist

Nirmeen Kamel Wadea

Profissional Trainer



Ahmed Ebead

Project Management Trainer

Ahmed Ghanem

Project Management Trainer

Sara Ahmed Elsayed

Professional trainer

Nada Ayman

Professional Trainer

Ahmed AlAbd

Professional Trainer