Our Trainers

Mustafa Mohammed

php developer

Lamiaa Salah

Entrepreneurship trainer | Instructional Designer | HR specialist

Ihab Mamadouh

L&D Manager, Learning Events Consultant

Amr Ghannam

Professional trainer

mohamed elsayed

Free Lancer Training - Livelihoods facilitator -Life skills coach

Ayah salah

Entrepreneurship trainer | Facilitator| Influencer

Yossef Abdallah

Entrepreneurship trainer | Instructional Designer | HR specialist

Fathi Mohamed

Business Developer | B2B Sales Specialist | Professional Trainer

Mohamed Nabil

Digital Marketing Specialist | Growth Marketer | Entrepreneurship Trainer

Shaimaa Nabil

Career Skills & Entrepreneurship Trainer 

Maryam elgaby

Career Futurist | Connector | Career Development Consultant

Ahmed Wagih

Interpersonal skills trainer /ESL tutor

Kholoud Amin

Entrepreneurship & HR Trainer/ HR Specialist

Yasmin Galal

Freelancer Trainer and HR Consultant

Yehia Khalil

Learning Catalyst | Voice Over Artist

Muhammad Mrawan Korkab

‎Professional Trainer ، Life Coach

Nelly Habib

Freelance L&D Consultant, trainer, Material designer and Coach

Moaaz Yousef

Trainer and Content Creator

Ahmed Shetoes

Coordinator & Trainer

Mohamed Arafa

Business Trainer & Consultant

Mahmoud Atef

Project Manager, Operation Specialist, Project Management Trainer

Hani Sarwatt

Trainer and Mentor of Design and Production - Entrepreneur and Innovative Design Lecturer - Interdisciplinary Designer

Amr Alabsawy

Senior Product Management Engineer / Freelance Trainer

Ammar El-Araby

Entrepreneurship& Marketing instructor

Mohamed Mansour

Trainer, Skills Trainer, Career Development Trainer, Instructional Designer

Ahmed Said Amin

Entrepreneurship I English I Soft Skills I Marketing

Mostafa Sanad

Entrepreneurship trainer | Facilitator

Jihan Moharm Mohamed

Entrepreneurship,HR, Marketing and soft skills trainer

Ishak Mohamed


Eman Atef Abdelmohsen

Professional Trainer

Esmat Osama

Business Trainer and Communication Assistant

Ebrahim hassan rabiea

Business Mentor - Freelance Trainer

Alshimaa Abdelaziz Badr

Entrepreneurship & project management trainer

Ahmed Ashraf Mohamed

Intern at MUH/Freelance Trainer/ Soft skills, Entrepreneurship, Marketing and Basic Life Support Trainer

Eman Fathy Abo Elsoud

Intern at Mansoura University Hospitals and Soft skills and gender trainer

Asmaa eltbakha

Entrepreneurship trainer / Marketing specialist

Ahmed Gomaa Tawfik

Human Resources Management|Child Right Protection Trainer

Salma Madkour

professional trainer & coach

Moaz Mohammed Aburegaila

Training & Development Specialist

Heba Ali Azmy

Training Specialist

Fady Atef Fareed

Business Developer and Professional Trainer

Ahmed SaQr

Corporate Coaching | Soft skills | Entrepreneurship | Artification

Hyper Design

Hyper Design